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The climate crisis is a creativity crisis. And it requires strategic imagination. 

That's where Heartseed Creative comes in. Welcome! As a woman-owned communications, marketing, and design studio, all of the work that happens here is about matching passion with purpose.

Did you know that the majority of Americans believe climate change is an urgent issue, but only a third of us are comfortable talking  about it? Effective communications and marketing are key to any organization, and I'm here for you — the ones working at the intersections of the climate crisis.

Heartseed would love to partner with your organization to amplify your impact and ensure your message is heard.

est. 2023

Minneapolis, MN

Hi there,

I'm Lauren.

Communicator, marketer, and designer on a mission to help your organization or small business make a positive impact on the climate crisis. 

Creating impactful communications stems from having sound strategy, intentional capacity, and creativity — all essential values to how I work. 

As a young girl, I was moved and captivated by stories — I won't hesitate to admit I was, and still am, a massive fantasy nerd. Because the stories that I have found so inspiring take me to a world unlike the one I know. There is power in that escape, but even more so in building the sense of imagination; allowing myself to ask the question: "what if?" Little did I know that question would lead me to become so passionate about climate change solutions. 

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Let's create impact with communications and design.

Communications audits. Promotion strategies and marketing timelines. Social media content. Newsletters and promotional blasts. Blogs and short-form content. And the strategy to loop it all together.  

Social media ad campaigns. Lead generation. Email automation series. Conversion design. Let's get your audiences to engage more — and stay with you!

Event branding. Social media graphics. Email templates. Original illustration. Posters and postcards. Those pesky impact reports. I'd love to bring your mission to life! 

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cool folks I've worked with

"Lauren is one of the most creative problem solvers I have worked with."

— Sarah Goodspeed, Union of Concerned Scientists

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