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Founder, designer, marketer, illustrator, and communications strategy puzzler. A multi-hyphenate, if you will, using my strengths to create social impact. I have been working with nonprofits for the last seven+ years. Heartseed Creative excels at:

  • creating short- and long-term communications strategies for nonprofits
  • communicating impact through art and graphic design
  • increasing and retaining audience engagement 

est. 2023

minneapolis, mn

My climate story starts on the dock of a lake in Wisconsin...

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I truly believe in the power of communication and design to drive positive change. 

As a young girl, I was moved and captivated by stories — I won't hesitate to admit I was, and still am, a massive fantasy nerd. Because the stories that I have found so inspiring take me to a world unlike the one I know. There is power in that escape, but even more so in building the sense of imagination; allowing myself to ask the question: "what if?" Little did I know that question would lead me to become so passionate about climate change solutions. 

Fast forward to graduating with  Bachelors degrees in strategic communications and creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madision. I often returned to that lake where I grew up, feeling a strong connection to the land, the water, and my place in it all. I began to steward the land more proactively, immersing myself in organic farming through programs like WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and educating myself about the nuances between food access, public health, and climate justice.

I realized I wanted to communicate creatively about real things, but not lose that sense of imagination at all. This is where my excitement and passion for social impact and climate change communications began. Since starting down this path, I have worked for an international climate change education and youth empowerment nonprofit, attended two U.N. climate negotiations, nurtured campaigns and events for climate change engagement, and so much more — all while connecting with so many amazing people who are just like me.

This all led me to today. I founded Heartseed Creative in 2023 to dedicate my work to nonprofits working on the intersections of the climate crisis. Empowering organizations with creative communications, marketing, and design solutions that amplify their impact on the planet is a dream. And cue the funk music, because I get to do this every day.  

My mother used to say: "Make life mean something, to you and to others." I walk this phrase with each step, called to demonstrate the power of communications and design in sowing the seeds of change. To make our collective impact on the planet something good: something with heart. 

where I'd daydream about being a writer or working in book publishing. 

Spoiler alert: I found this instead. : ) 

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In case you couldn't tell,
I love a good mission or story.